Upon satisfactory completion of course requirements and satisfying financial obligations, Energy Medicine University will issue a Certificate in Integrative Holistic Health and issue final transcript.  Professors are not authorized to issue Certificates.  All Certificates must have the signature of the President to be valid and the University seal.  Any additional requests for certificates/transcripts must be done in writing.  Course transcript records will be provided to students within two weeks of completion of all requirements.

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Notice Concerning Transferability of Units & Degrees Earned at our School

Units you earn in our programs in most cases will probably not be transferable to any other college or university.  For example, if you entered our school as a freshman, you will still be a freshman if you enter another college or university at some time in the future even though you earned units here at our school.  In addition, if you earn a certificate in our programs, in most cases it will probably not serve as a basis for obtaining a higher level degree at another college or university.

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