Our purpose is to fill the need Our purpose is to fill the need for a quality program which educates students at a higher degree level to be fluent in the art and science of the vocational and institutional field of Holistic Health and Energy Medicine. Our professors are among the most highly qualified instructors in their respective area of expertise. Energy Medicine University is a fully distance learning institution.

As an institution of higher learning, Academy of Intuition Medicine & Energy Medicine University fulfils its mission by providing undergraduate and graduate learners from throughout the world opportunities to engage in a process-centered curriculum where learners become actively involved in organizing their own knowledge and experiences, rather than merely storing content put together for them by someone else. The educative process is based on an epistemological rationale that the way a learner organizes knowledge has a great deal to do with the role that knowledge plays in future thinking and the use that is made of it later on. The Academy and University does the things that most other universities do, but it does them as a fruition of commitment to a process-centered curriculum.

The University addresses the needs of a wide range of learners who are both academically qualified for and genuinely interested in the type of education it offers. The University serves adult learners who are passionate about Integrative and Holistic health and wish to deepen their knowledge by pursuing academic learning and gain a credential. Meeting the needs of the wide diversity of adults from a variety of world cultures requires a corresponding diversity of educational programs and instructional strategies.

The Academy and University seeks to encourage and enable each learner to learn as much as possible. To this end promotes intellectual excellence in four complementary ways. Instruction and learning are designed to convey that: there are no single right answers; there are limited appropriate ways to obtain answers; there are limited criteria by which to judge the appropriateness of answers; and deriving answers is a process rather than a product.

In striving toward recognized excellence, the University continues to recruit, support, and nurture teacher-scholars who are distinguished for their intellectual competence and ability to develop and deliver distance learning which addresses the mission of the University.

In keeping with its philosophy, the University is committed to the following institutional goals:

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