Energy Medicine University is a distance learning school offering an exciting global classroom without boundaries. We live in an energetic non-local universe, and with the entrance of cyberspace communications our minds can now transmit messages (via the Internet) nearly as fast as our spirits.

Our Distance Education in Integrative Holistic Health Program has been created to meet the needs of people globally. Our program courses have been taught in Universities, Academies and Medical Clinics and via distance education courses by the respective professors as far back as 1984. Our Professors collectively have a total of 516 years of teaching experience. Notably, our Professors have a combined wisdom of teaching, practicing, researching and writing in the field of Holistic/Energy Medicine at a collective total of 455 years. We offer to our global students Professors who are prominent and respected specialists in the field of Holistic/Energy Medicine.

The Energy Medicine University Distance Education Program is open to individuals interested in the field of holistic health, energy medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, intuition, spirituality and the betterment of humankind through the academic study of these subjects. Energy Medicine University serves the educational needs of students, licensed professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, and holistic, complementary, alternative practitioners, and those interested in pursuing the study of Integrative Holistic Health as a career or to compliment an already existing career or simply as an avocation.

Location and Facilities

The University is located in Sausalito, California, a picturesque town located at the North end of the San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge. The University physical facilities are located in a quiet business neighborhood with two other schools.

The University offers a comfortable, relaxed, and intimate environment for learning, ensuring students’ accessibility to instructors and administrators. Easy access to the institution is provided by public transportation via bus, taxi, and water ferry.

As a distance learning university most of our contact and communication with distance students is via telephone, the Internet and email. Students are also encouraged to contact us by facsimiles, postal mail, and personal visits to the University.

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What Graduates Do with the Certificate

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