EMP 8671    M. Burgess    3 credits
The Subtle Body and the Rainbow Lights


The subtle body is a dynamic system unique to each individual yet universal in nature. This course is an exploration of the dynamics of the subtle body system and the rainbow lights, the essential role the subtle body plays in health and healing, subtle fields, the soul and the supersensible, and the subtle world of nature. Explorations include the complex yet fundamental way subtle systems illuminate the forms and functions of all living things from cells to celestial bodies. The course explores the subtle senses of clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance; subtle realms, planes, and dimensions of awareness; and subtle sensory ethics. The course focuses on personal experience and the development of awareness.


After completing this course participants will have gained an expanded understanding of the subtle body and the subtle senses; they will have experienced the subtle body and the subtle senses in new ways; and they will have developed and expanded their ability to work with the subtle body and the subtle senses in their personal and professional lives.


Subtle body, subtle body dynamics, health and healing, the soul and the supersensible, the subtle senses, the subtle world of nature, subtle realms of awareness, subtle energy ethics, awareness.


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