EMP 856   D. Surel   3 credits
XQ Intuitive Intelligence: Toward a Higher Cognitive Paradigm


Students will learn the components that are involved in intuitive thinking and how to apply intuitive intelligence as a competitive advantage in their profession. The course will explore the historical background of intuition throughout the ages and the different theories and paradigms. Students will discover that developing one’s intuitive thinking goes beyond meditation and dream analysis. It is a transformational process. They will learn the roles of the conscious and unconscious minds and how to identify their own intuitive triggers and how to recognize true insights. The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of intuitive intelligence so that the student can apply the new skills in his/her professional and personal life.



At the end of the course the students will have acquired comprehensive knowledge in the basic components that are involved in developing one’s intuitive intelligence: identification of intuitive signals, reception of insights and developing a communications language between the unconscious and the conscious. Students will acquire the skills to differentiate between analytical conscious thoughts and a clear intuitive insight. Students will be asked to apply their intuitive skills in their business and personal life as part of the course exercises.


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