EMP 855   D. Surel   3 credits
Spiritual Leadership: Toward Evolving the Human Species


This course will start with a brief revision of the fundamentals of leadership to include organizational structures, leadership styles, ethics, and spirituality. The issue of chaos and flow channels will be addressed. The review will set the stage for the student to pursue outside research in exploring the meaning and value of spiritual leadership. Students will learn about the new scientific approach to spirituality and consciousness by studying concepts such as the hologram, non-locality, worm-holes, tunneling, and neuroscience research findings to include brain plasticity. Understanding the potential of the human brain-body-soul will help the student better manage his/her transformational process toward spiritual leadership to include shifting into a more evolved mindset. The course will focus on case studies and real life experiences to illustrate the concepts, and will challenge the student to think outside of conventional models and paradigms.



Students will explore through readings and their own research the meaning and value of Spiritual Leadership as it applies to the challenges of the 21st Century. Students will learn about the latest scientific paradigms in neuroscience and quantum physics that relate to spirituality and consciousness. The research project will provide grounding in the real world so that students will learn how to apply the concepts and skills involved in spiritual leadership. At the end of the course students will have the skills and tools necessary to sustain their transformational process and to know how to inspire others to their own higher selves. The course will also encourage students to pursue research in the future by identifying topics that need to be further elucidated.


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