EMP 7676    L. Tian    3 credits
Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory with The Art of War


The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient science and philosophy that gives deep influence in Chinese culture and human life. This course will explore the ancient wisdoms through the study of Sun Tzu’s theory and Sun Bin’s theory with The Art of War, especially for the relationship among Yin/Yang, the Five Elements and Ziwu Liuzhu. The study will help individuals to understand the laws of nature - the time, space, energy and their relationship with every individual through The Art of War works.

The course aims to let students improve their abilities for self-cognition of energy, understand the relationship of universe, earth and human life with space-time energy through the key points of TCM theory and the core techniques of The Art of War to solve the energy imbalance problems. The course will provide practical techniques and special tools for energy recognition and application that open a different way to observe health and life to let individuals manage their time along with space-time energy.




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