EMP 759B   D. Surel   3 credits
Controlled Remote Viewing [CRV]:
Part III


This course will take the student to the next level of controlled remote viewing. The course will focus on session work but the targets will be more defined and complex so that the student will learn how to obtain detailed impressions and information. The course will include in-depth practice into the time/space dimension by using cues that take the student to a determined date in time. Students will have the opportunity to explore different tools in the Phase VI and identify their forte in using them. The issue of Stray Cats and AOLs will be addressed. Writing proper summaries will be covered. Students will also learn how to monitor other viewers.  Monitoring another viewer is a good way of learning the intricacies of controlled remote viewing. Some of the other methods of remote viewing will be explored such as Associative Remote Viewing. The textbook written by an MIT physicist will provide students with scientific research findings about CRV related topics.

Please note that CRV practice sessions are done free-hand on paper. Students will need to either scan, or digitally photograph their session work and send it via email to the Professor. Practice sessions will be due on a weekly basis.



The students will learn how to refine their CRV skills. Learning the protocol and understanding the methodology takes time and much practice. At this Advanced level, after two semesters of CRV, the student has done many viewing sessions and understands the importance of staying in structure, detoxing, and the ongoing battle of keeping the conscious busy and out of the way. The student is now ready to more readily apply these tools, skills, and knowledge to truly explore in more detail viewing targets. At the end of this course the student will have a better understanding of the concept of control in CRV and will have learned how to better cue him/herself and use move commands. .


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