EMP 873   B. Rubik   3 credits
Research Design Methodology  


This course will address the issues pertaining to quantitative and mixed method (quantitative and qualitative combined) research design and implementation, to assist doctoral level students in their dissertation research. Areas addressed include the following: identifying the research problem; formulating a testable research question; selecting an appropriate research design; choosing appropriate instruments; collecting data; and evaluating results. This course does not cover statistical methods; note that this topic is covered in another course. Specific examples of research designs will be drawn from social science, psychology, biology, business, and health science. In addition, the spectrum of issues in research on human subjects, including safety, ethics, recruitment, retaining subjects, confidentiality, informed consent, and the review process, will also be covered. Students are encouraged to bring their doctoral research issues into the course for online discussion with the instructor and other students.




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