EMP 860    M. Burgess    3 credits
The Art and Architecture of Consciousness II


This course is an exploration of patterns and dynamics of relationship reflected in the foundational processes of life and the deep structures of consciousness. The course explores the ways these dynamics embody the essence and beauty that simultaneously describe the most basic and most complex of living systems, from fundamental patterns embodied by the natural world to complexity, social networks, chaordic systems, sacred structures, psyche and soma, the subtle body, and processes and structures of consciousness. Explorations include research, practicum, written reflection and dialogue.


After completing this course participants will have gained an expanded understanding of the art and architecture of consciousness; they will have experienced patterns and dynamics of relationship in new ways; and they will have developed and expanded their ability to work with foundational processes of life and deep structures of consciousness in their personal and professional lives.


Art and architecture of consciousness, processes, structures, patterns and dynamics of relationship, geometric dynamics, sacred geometry, nature, energy medicine


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