EMP 859   D. Surel   3 credits
Controlled Remote Viewing [CRV]: Advanced Level


This course will review the fundamental principles and structure of the CRV protocol. Students will be given practice sessions from Phase 1 through 4 and will learn Phase 5 and Phase 6 with practice sessions through Phase 6. Phase 5 is a tool to explore session issues and Phase 6 offers others creative tools such as clay and dowsing to further express impressions from the target. The course will reiterate the importance of practice sessions to reach a higher level of accuracy and it will give students the opportunity to identify and strengthen their areas of weakness. Weekly practice sessions will be assigned and focus on reviewing each of the Protocol Phases. In parallel, students will be asked to explore and research the big picture of CRV: applications of CRV work, the implications, and the concepts of time/space/events. Students will be given specific reading assignments and will write a research paper on a CRV aspect or application of their choice.
Prerequisite: Completion of EMP 759



Students will obtain a much deeper understanding of the implications and applications of CRV and will learn how to enhance their accuracy during session work by developing their sensories, ideograms, and learning how to use creative methods of expression in Phase 6. Students will learn how to us Phase 5 as a tool to clarify issues in their session work, Specific reading material written by some of the original military viewers will guide students to reflect on the big picture of CRV and the implications at a holistic level from applications work to the phenomenon of working with non-local information. Students will be asked to do research on a specific aspect of CRV and present insights or further questions for future research.


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