EMP 843   B. Rubik   3 credits
The Science of Bioelectromagnetics and its Clinical Applications  


Bioelectromagnetics (BEM) is the science that involves the interrelationship of low-level nonionizing electromagnetic fields and life. There is evidence for a variety of biological effects following the application of extremely low-level electromagnetic fields to the human body, including accelerated healing and regeneration associated with certain field parameters. The course will touch upon the history and basics of BEM, the hazards of certain BEM fields, and mostly address the use of therapeutic fields for health and healing. Several promising areas of medical application considered include the treatment of nonunion bone fractures, wound healing, tissue regeneration, pain management, and neuroendocrine regulation. BEM medical devices typically emit pulsed magnetic or electric fields, or electromagnetic fields such as microwaves. Some notable examples from the growing number of BEM medical devices on the market such as the trans-cranial electrical stimulator will be shown and discussed, along with clinical data and case studies. The scientific controversies that remain concerning the modus operandi and difficulties in reproducing effects in BEM studies will also be presented. The future prospects of BEM medical applications will be outlined.



The electromagnetic spectrum; ionizing and nonionizing radiation; wave parametrics; narrow “windows” of biological response to EM fields; geophysical fields & life; positive, neutral, and life-thwarting EM fields; early discoveries in tissue regeneration; bone growth stimulators; neuroendocrine applications including trans-cranial electrical stimulation; soft-tissue regeneration; low-level laser stimulation; static magnets for pain control; scientific theories of BEM interactions with living systems, including chaos and biofield theories; scientific controversies in BEM.


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