EMP 832  H. Owens  3 credits
Creating Environments that Heal


All students including. nurses, therapists, volunteers, and anyone else involved in patient/client care and with patients/clients families


Creating Environments that Heal has been intentionally designed to not only bring documented information to the clinical professional, but to move the participant into understanding their clinical and ethical accountability for the clinical environment. This involves looking at interpersonal relationships between patients and caregivers, between caregivers themselves, and between physicians, patients, and families. It addresses behavioral issues that impact how the patient perceives the quality of care, and offers strategies for pro-active changes in the current setting on both a short-term and long-term basis. This course also includes processes, which offer a direct understanding of the physiological and psychological symptoms generated by a healthcare setting.

Course Purpose

This course discusses the issues of healing environments, what is at stake in the patient/client experience, and how perceptions shape the quality and effectiveness of healthcare. Exploring how the environment must be intentionally designed to have a positive function, rather than be inconsistent and precarious in nature. For example, while the environment is experienced on all sensory levels, the auditory environment is by far the most invasive and has been most dramatically impacted by technology.




Course Packet which includes many journal articles such as:

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