EMP 7675    L. Tian    3 credits
Space-Time Holography


Space-Time Holography is specially designed for the students who interest in ancient Chinese wisdoms. This course will help students understand connections between classical wisdoms and modern science.

Through Huangdi Neijing《黄帝内经》, students will deeply understand holography from the relationship between heaven and human-beings. From diagnosis and meridians, students will understand the space-time holography. From The Art of War《孙子兵法》》《孙膑兵法》, students will understand nature laws and earth energy. From Daodejing《道德经》students will understand the relationship between space-time holography and philosophy of Dao(道). From I Change《易经》students will understand the basis: holographic structures and its relationship. Meridian and human energy system will also help students to understand holography.

Modern science and concept, such as wave, frequency, fields, fracture and image, will fully support space-time holography theory. Space-Time Holography is the powerful tool for energy medicine and holistic health application.




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