EMP 759   D. Surel   3 credits
Controlled Remote Viewing [CRV]: Basic and Intermediate Level


CRV is a specific protocol that enables an individual to obtain psychoenergtic perceptions, or specific and accurate non-local information from the time/space matrix by using the mind. CRV is a comprehensive and effective method that was developed and used by the military. This course will cover the history of CRV to include its Soviet origin and the investment made by the US government to develop the protocol. The differences between CRV and remote viewing in general will be addressed. This course will teach the original CRV protocol which is powerful but demands focus and repetitious practice to learn it correctly. Students will develop their sensories and a language to communicate with their unconscious. Learning CRV can be a transformational process and working within the time/space matrix for the first time can be life-changing. Only serious students should consider taking this course. Students will be asked to reflect on the issues of ethics, purpose, and personal development while learning the protocol. The course will cover four of the six Phases of the CRV Protocol. Phases five and six are taught in the Advanced CRV course and are not critical to obtain basic and accurate information from a target.



At the end of this course students will have learned and practiced four out of the six Phases of the CRV protocol. Students will learn how to develop their sensories and create a language to communicate with their unconscious. The course will enable students to learn the intricacies of the protocol and have enough guided practice sessions to continue on their own. Students acquire not only an understanding of the concept of space/time/event but, through the practice sessions, will have the opportunity to actually remote view targets. This experience can be transformational and students will also learn to reflect on their process and moral responsibilities.


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