EMP 757   D. Surel   3 credits
Radiesthesia - Vibrational Physics-
Level 1


Radiesthesia, or vibrational physics is the name given to ancient science that is traced as far back as 6,000 BC in many areas of the world to include China, Europe, and Egypt.

Training in radiesthesia requires one to develop the human mind, especially the unconscious which is the portal to the invisible realm or in modern terms, the quantum world, while also developing the sensitivies of our body and opening our soul to the infinite.

For thousands of years Radiesthesia knowledge was passed-on mostly by word-of-mouth and as the modern world evolved into the more mechanistic and industrial epoch, the concepts of ancient science were eroded. Mankind became more and more focused on material developments and technology and forgot some of the essential scientific precepts that today are re-emerging as if they were a new discovery.

This course will cover the background and history of radiesthesia which was rediscovered In the early 1900s by two French colleagues: a physician, A. de Belizal, and an engineer L. Chaumery during their archeological visits in the Pyramids of Egypt. They dedicated themselves to researching this invisible science to include using specific rays at a distance to kill microbes in a test-tube hundred of miles away. L. Chaumery died from too much exposure of the negative electric green ray. A ray that was discovered in the Egyptian tombs and is believed to have been purposely generated to punish any perpetrators.

This introductory course will cover, in general terms, the broad spectrum of radiesthesia and some of the correlations, correspondences, and applications. The course will be a combination of reading material with practical exercises in how to use a pendulum to obtain accurate information. Students will be issued a standard pendulum and will learn why certain shapes and materials will not give accurate readings. They will learn how to hold a pendulum and the scanning protocol necessary to follow in order to obtain accurate information. Students will learn about resonance and how to develop our mental and physical sensitivities.



In this introductory course, Students will learn the macro and micro concepts of Radiesthesia, as well as practice how to use the pendulum.

The macro aspect is about the forces that operate in our universe: the visible and invisible realms, and correlations with present day quantum physics. The micro concepts are about how we as an individual can develop our human potential to interact in both the visible and invisible realm.

Students will learn from both ancient and modern texts. Students will be introduced to the Pendulum in week seven, once they have understood the main principles of radiesthesia and are gaining respect and humility which is required in order to become accurate. They will learn the reason why the shape and material of a pendulum is important, and they will learn the protocol in order to obtain accurate information.

Although it takes many years to become a proficient radiesthesiste, this course will provide a strong foundation for the student to continue studying and practicing in order to eventually become a proficient radiesthesiste.


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