EMP 754    C. Crawford    3 credits
The Spiritual Life Of Children


This course will explore the spiritual life of children within the context of healthy human development. It will focus in depth on the roles of intuition and empathy in a child’s life. Focus will span from how to support children at home, school and interpersonally, to how indigenous cultures support the inner life of the child. This course will support students in their current and future work with children, as well as in building more understanding of how childhood disturbances in healthy development may be impacting adult client fulfillment. Personal reflection on student’s own childhood experiences is a valued component of this course of study.

The spiritual life of children is an often overlooked or misunderstood part of childhood. This course is designed to explore, celebrate and understand the rich inner life of children, especially as it relates to intuitive and empathic development.

This course is grounded in holistic theory in child development and incorporates modern psychology, neurobiology research, art therapy, spirituality, intuitive abilities, indigenous wisdom traditions and life-span theory. Students will come away with practical skills to incorporate in their future work with children, families and adults healing from the psycho-spiritual wounds of childhood. This class encourages thinking outside of the traditional box of viewing children as well as your own creativity in the process.




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