EMP 745    f. mccartney    3 credits
Kundalini Energy: Experiential Methods in Transcendence Healing

Only offered in the Spring semester


Within Intuition Medicine®, a sub-set system of energy medicine which Dr. McCartney has researched and created, Kundalini energy is approached from a Western body/mind model. With a focus to bring the information of this cell based energy into a healing meditation practice this researcher has studied Kundalini from an intuitive perspective. In working with thousands of people over three decades many commonalities have been observed, such as, Kundalini energy stimulates specific physical changes; awakens creativity and inspiration and experiences of spirituality and unity. As well, consistent with most references to Kundalini, the meridian pathway which this energy follows is noted as upward through the spinal channel from the base of the spine and continuing to the top of the head.
Prerequisite: Completion of EMP 733




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