EMP 716    M. Patterson    3 credits
Medical Intuition: Physiology and Subtle Energy


In this course students will learn basic anatomy/physiology and how it connects to the subtle energy systems of the body. They will receive an understanding of the energy of the body from a scientific, medical intuitive and eastern perspective. Connection to the physical systems and it's inter-links to the creation of health or dis-ease will be reviewed. As well as, the connection to emotional, psychological and spiritual responses that create or disempower health and healing. Lastly, the students will learn and refine the use of energetic diagnostic tools within the systems of the body.
Prerequisite: Completion of EMP 715


Each student at the end of course should have a deeper understanding of health/healing and the correlation to our subtle energetic and physical systems. Also, each student should be able to do a basic health assessment of energy fields and its correlation to the anatomy/physiology of the body.



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