Energy Medicine University’s contributions to the field of Energy Medicine

EMU students and professors pride themselves in producing research that will make a significant contribution to the advancement of energy medicine. Below are some of the featured Dissertations and Thesis.

PhD Dissertations

Read some of the most grounded and rigorous research on specific aspects of energy medicine

"The Ayurveda Tridosha Concept and The Human Apolipoprotein E Genotype," by Jennifer Closshey

"Intention as a Two-Directional Process: Does the Subject's Intention Matter?," by Jeanne Lim

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Master Theses

Read impactful Thesis research and studies on challenging topics in energy medicine.

"A Validation Study of WHEE as Therapeutic Intervention for Alleviating Test Anxiety," by Linda Armstrong

"A Pilot Study Exploring the Effects of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Modalities On Stress Biomarkers in the Chronic Pain Population," by Donnalee Forbes

"An Investigation into the Effect of Human Intention On the Weather," by Myrna Klupenger

"The Use of Intention with Vibrational Medicine as a Tool to Improve the General Wellbeing of Mind, Body and Spirit," by Brenda Mc Fie

"Light, Sound, Vibration for Healing and Stress Reduction," by Judith Specht

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Thesis and Dissertations
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